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AF136: Creating 7 Figure Tele-Summits with Dana Wilde, Part-2


Creating 7 Figure Tele-Summits In No Time Flat by Tapping The Power of Your Mind & Using The Right Tactics with Dana Wilde of The Mind Aware – Part 2

Listener Mastery:

Running Tele-Summits:

  1. Choose a hyper focused niche. Dana gives the example of direct sales party planning.
  2. Start reaching out to the potential guests and interview them to build a relationship.
  3. Research the market and workout what’s hot that people are willing to pay for.
  4. Choose 3 to 5 topics out of your research. Then seed social to gauge the most bites.
  5. Once you have struck a topic that get’s attention, ask people to join a coming soon list.
  6. Reach out to a few guests that are guaranteed to join. These guests attract the next guests.
  7. Now start reaching out to more guests. You want 24 guests to run over 12 weeks.
  8. Work out the business model; split sales 50/50 with each guest, split additional sales.
  9. Build your landing pages, write your registration, reminder and followup emails.
  10. Get all your technology in order, phone lines, recording capabilities, and landing pages.
  11. Check your tracking, remind everyone to mail, test payment system and launch.

Expert Tip: When your inviting partners and guests try to get them on Skype or the phone for a quick chat to discuss the event and get them really committed to it. Remember the benefit for them is that they’ll be in front of everyone’s audience because everyone has to mail. That is part of the deal.

Expert Tip 2: Each member should be working to get 500 people registered on the event. Some may get 300 some may get 3000. However if you’re aiming to have everyone get 500 people registered, then over your 24 guests. That will be 12,000 registrations. Then if 10% of registrations show up to each call then you have 1200 people on the line. This will see everyone do very well.

90 Days To Freedom:

This is a simple 90 days to freedom strategy.

  1. Follow the steps above and get a tele-summit setup. Build your list, and business.
  2. Start building relationships with your guests now, the best way is interviews.
  3. This is a lot or work, but if you focus on just this, you will do extremely well.

Final Pearl of Wisdom:

Be aware of the thought’s in your mind. Your thoughts create your reality. Are you remembering to support yourself? Are you being your own biggest cheerleader? Are you filling your mind with positive powerful thoughts that will push your forward? Be aware of what you’re thinking.

Interview Links:

  1. Dana’s Website: The Mind Aware
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