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AF073: Content Marketing To Grow Consistently with Joe Pulizzi, Part–1


Content Marketing To Grow Consistently with Joe Pulizzi, Part–1

Todays guest Joe Pulizzi is the founder of Content Marketing Institute.

Some of the highlights on the show today were:

  • The keys to a high quality content marketing campaign.
  • How to get buy in from upper management on content.
  • Why you can build a giant business without much money using content.
  • Joe’s story with getting the Content Marketing Institute built.

Book Chapter:

Focus and Patience

Core Message:

Stay focused on your core offering and services. Where can your really become the leading expert in the world. Let that drive your business model and be your total focus.

Then be patient. Don’t expect success in 6 months. It takes a good 24 to 36 months to really get traction with a business, however that is much faster than it has ever been in the past. And if you use content marketing, you can have a business that is almost impossible to rattle because of the audience.

Recommended Books:

  • Control, Alt, Delete by Mitch Joel
  • Youtility by Jay Baer
  • Epic Content by Joe Pulizzi

Magic Power’s:

Selling is Joe’s magic power. However he also works a powerful model which has 3 legs as below.

There is 3 legs to the stool of success that Joe focused on.

  1. Choosing a tight topic niche.
  2. Setting up a blog that you consistently publish on.
  3. A plop on the desk print book, a real physical book.
  4. Public speaking, you need to go out and start speaking.

Current Business:

Content Marketing Institute: The premier provider of content marketing training, seminars, conferences, and consulting on the topic of Content Marketing.

Secret Totem’s of Location Independence:

  • What are your three best traffic sources?
  1. Google Organic Search
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Best for subscription (pippity.com, and Slideshare.com)
  • What are three techniques to build a targeted email list?
  1. Incredibly valuable content
  2. Consistently published content
  3. A strong point of view about your market
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