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AF019: Building Successful Membership Sites with Tharyn Taylor, Part-2


Building Successful Membership Sites with Tharyn Taylor, Part-2

How does a starting entrepreneur crush their limiting beliefs, break down the barriers holding them back and build a location independent business that sets them free?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Tharyn Taylor from MacDojo and previous MindValley Team Member shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about Internet Marketing, Driving Traffic and Member Sites.

Tharyn Taylor is the star of MacDojo. He’s a skilled Internet marketer, Membersite Creator and Joint Venture Marketer. Your in for a treat as Tharyn Taylor is about to share all that experience with you now.

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • Tharyn’s advice: It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your life and what your doing. You need to stop giving an F about what anyone else thinks or says about what you want to do with your life and projects
  • It’s completely okay to fail. In fact failure is a good thing because that’s how you learn.
  • If you really want to get people on side you can show them examples of all the people that have already done it and succeeded with location independent businesses and online marketing.

Previous Ventures:

  • Tharyn was a team member at Mind Valley; is the largest online publisher of personal development and spiritual development courses. They are also a leader in internet marketing education.
Note from Josh: Check out Mind Valley

Current Business:

  • Mac Dojo – This is Tharyn’s membership site that is all about how to become a Ninja power user for Mac computers. He has grown the site to hundreds of users which is more than enough for Tharyn to live a great location independent lifestyle.

Mac Dojo Use Discount Code: TROPICALDOJO to get over 50% off

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  • Tharyn’s biggest secret to growing his membersite huge has been joint venture mailings. He was quite lucky because he built something so valuable to people, he had PC websites approach him to ask of they could promote him.

Secret Totems of Online Success:

Most important element to location independent success?

  • Believing you can do it

First foundation to lay in an internet business?

  • Being internet savvy! You need to understand the basics of content, blogs, online marketing, traffic, etc. It doesn’t take that long go learn it all

Fastest way to build a targeted email list?

  • Provide epic free content. The surprise your audience with more and more incredible value!

Best paid online traffic strategy?

  • Buy Facebook Ads and Email Drops

Best offline lead generation strategy?

  • Cold calling

Who taught you the most about business?

  • Tharyn’s Uncle – He had a tent rental business and lots of other little businesses and watching him allowed Tharyn to understand entrepreneurship.

Best training program you’ve ever taken?

  • The Experts Academy by Brendan Burchard! – Its so thorough and his energy really transfers!

Biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs & beginner online marketers make?

  • Giving up to early… You need to give ideas their full justice and need to follow through..

Best book you’ve ever read?

  • The name of the wind by Patrick Rufus (Fiction, great for learning to story tell) helps with online marketing a lot; helps with content creation as well.

Are mentor’s important and why?

  • Yes, they can help you take the steps that your so unsure about. They can tell you that you need to step there. You want to fine two or three mentors to really blast your career in online marketing off. It’s going to cost you decent money but will pay itself back ten time over if not one thousand times over.

Are masterminds important and why?

  • Yes, totally rank right up there with mentors. I would say get a mentor or two first so when you go to the masterminds you can add more value and gives you positioning.

Recommend resource that you use every day?

  • Redit.com – full of knowledge and information; need to go beyond the home page. Great for promotion, getting feedback and learning things.

What do you think about outsourcing?

  • Good if you know how to do it.

Habit you’ve formed that helped you succeed?

  • The habit of saying “no” to things and time wasters.

Most inspirational movie of all time?

  • The Secret Life Of Walter Middy.

Best way to achieve expert market positioning?

  • Build a good quality product.

Is sales an important skill in running a business?

  • The most important skill…

How do you set and measure goals?

  • Sometimes I write them down and when I do that they manifest faster.

Independence in 90 Days:

  1. Understand what you have in you that is valuable to other people.
  2. Start writing about the knowledge you have and start writing about it Monday to Friday.
  3. Also begin studying the business that are offering the information that you want to successfully.
  4. Once you launch a site you need to find a way to get a paying customer within 30 days.
  5. Talk to people in forums, talk to friends, talk to people on social and get someone to pay you.
  6. Once you can get 10 people to pay you; then you want to scale the business up with paid traffic.
  7. Before building the product out to much, make sure that you presell it with paid traffic before spending to much time
  8. You need proof of product!

Recommended Resources:

Amazing Business Insight:

  • “The New Digital Economy is like the old Californian Gold Rush accept multiplied by one hundred times” – Tharyn Taylor.

Interview Links:

  • Mac Dojo: Tharyn’s course on becoming a Mac ninja.

Mac Dojo Use Discount Code: TROPICALDOJO to get over 50% off

Click here to check out Tharyn’s Mac Dojo Course.

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