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AF248: Building A Podcast to 20,000 Downloads A Day with David Ralph, Part-1


Building A Podcast to 20,000 Downloads A Day with David Ralph, Part-1

Today’s guest David Ralph is the founder of the super successful online radio show Join Up Dots. He is also someone that I am happy to call a friend.

David and I have had a number of long conversations about the internet, podcasting, business, making money online, the different communities you can go to learn and the lives we now live as digital media experts.

With all that I can say “David knows what he is talking about”.

He is an expert on growing an audience, building trust with that audience and authenticity. If you want to grow a big audience that will stick with you for the long term; you’ll want to listen to what David has to say.

Book Chapter:

Joining Up The Dots

Core Message:

If you look back on your life. You will be able to assess the things that have made you happy. The things people say you’re good at doing. The things that you could do for hours without getting bored.

Then if you review all those things closely. You should be able to find something hiding in there that you can do for an income. Something that you will truly love and enjoy. That is the benefit of joining up the dots.

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