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AF106: Build A Large Audience with Anthony Tran


How To Build A Large Audience By Giving Value First with Anthony Tran

Today’s guest Anthony Tran is the founder of Marketing Access Pass and a leading Internet Marketing Coach. He’s an expert in SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email, Blogging and really all manner of online marketing to make money.

Anthony’s mission is to inspire and help you build and grow your online business so you can finally achieve the freedom lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of.

Some of the highlights on the show today were:

  • How to build a quality audience.
  • The value of lifetime learning.
  • How to learn by modelling experts. 

Book Chapter:

Building An Audience

Core Message:

The main concept is building an audience where your adding huge value. Get out there and add heaps of value then over time you will see an audience develop.

Magic Power’s:


Be a life learner. Invest in high quality education programs. Read books. Attend conferences. Get coaches, etc.

Always Be A Coach

How can you give value, how can you help others out first? People are looking for answers. If you can provide those answers to help them grow their businesses. It will help you become successful.

Listener Mastery:

Get Started On Something Now.

Put anything out there. Start putting content live and start listening to people. Before you create any kind of product though make sure that your surveying your market and asking for lots of feedback.

Discovering Pain Points

The way to succeed online in a big way is to dig deep into your market and uncover pain points in their daily life that are not yet provided for. Then create products and services to solve those issues for them.

90 Days To Freedom:

  1. Do keyword research to find a non-competitive, high traffic niche.
  2. Create a WordPress blog around the niche with a keyword rich domain.
  3. Optimise the site with keyword rich content, images and get links.
  4. Add Google Adsense banners on the site, this is how you make income.
  5. Then keep increasing free traffic in all manner possible.

Anthony did exactly this and he still get’s a couple hundred dollars every month, after not touching the site for over 3 years.

The key to this strategy is finding the right market with lots of traffic and an interesting niche that not to many people have zeroed in on.

Anthony further mentions:

After you have succeeded with this basic strategy and made some money. Then you can move into a niche that your more passionate about that you can scale into a larger more fulfilling business. This first technique it to make you some money and help you learn.

Final Pearl of Wisdom:

Take Action Today. Start taking massive action!

Interview Links:

Anthony’s website: Marketing Access Pass

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