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AF030: Breaking Mental Barriers with Ted Ryce, Part-2


Breaking Mental Barriers with Ted Ryce, Part-2

How does a starting entrepreneur crush their limiting beliefs, break down the barriers holding them back and build a location independent business that sets them free?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Ted Ryce the Personal Trainer to Celebrity Entrepreneurs and Information Marketer shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about Information Marketing, Online Business and How to Use Health to Your Advantage.

Ted Ryce is a skilled Health Expert, Entrepreneur and Life Coach. Even if your not that interested in health products, I recommend you at least check the interview out as Ted shared some really powerful stuff!

Secret Totems of Online Success:

Most important element to location independent success?

  • Having a clear message, delivering value on that message and having the proper marketing to communicate the message in a way that makes people want to buy from you.

First foundation to lay in an internet business?

  • You have to have a well designed website and a good opt-in page to capture emails so you can build your list. Then also building out your social media presence.

Fastest way to build a targeted email list?

  • Offering something super valuable.

Best paid online traffic strategy?

  • Doing YouTube Videos and Facebook Ads

Who taught you the most about business?

  • Eban Pagan

Best training program you’ve ever taken?

  • NPD for Fitness Industry Billing and Marketing

Best book you’ve ever read?

  • War of Art – Show up and do your best work every single day. Art is an ongoing practise for life, anything your doing is art!

Independence in 90 Days:

  1. Personal development – who you are is going to be super impactful on the result that your going to get from your business
  2. Focus on your self, meaning your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle
  3. Develop your online niche market; once you figure out your niche start putting out content every day on 3 laser focused topics of that niche
  4. Establish value, you need to show people that you can help them. You need to giveaway tightly focused lessons of very condensed one big idea content pieces. Provide stuff that is so good they see you as incredible. It’s got to be stuff they can digest quick and implement quick.
  5. Then next you need to start marketing to people, you need an offer to exchange value beyond your free giveaways that you get money for; so you want to communicate that through audio, video, articles, etc
  6. Finally once you have your products selling you need to build your network of relationships with like minded people. Help them out and then start co-promoting each other.
  7. Then just keep montizing, more offers, more marketing, etc…
  8. Then try to find ways to scale, TV, Radio, i.e. go offline from online; take people from online to offline and from offline to online

Recommended Resources:

  • Eban Pagan – Any course by Eban will change your life!

Amazing Business Insight:

  • “Show up and do your best work every single day” – Ted Ryce

Interview Links:

  • Ted’s Podcast – COMING SOON
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