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AF029: Breaking Mental Barriers with Ted Ryce, Part-1


Breaking Mental Barriers with Ted Ryce, Part-1

How does a starting entrepreneur crush their limiting beliefs, break down the barriers holding them back and build a location independent business that sets them free?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Ted Ryce the Personal Trainer to Celebrity Entrepreneurs and Information Marketer shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about Information Marketing, Online Business and How to Use Health to Your Advantage.

Ted Ryce is a skilled Health Expert, Entrepreneur and Life Coach. Even if your not that interested in health products, I recommend you at least check the interview out as Ted shared some really powerful stuff!


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New Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • Know the Difference Between Determination and Desperation

Message Of The Chapter:

  • When your trying something and it’s not working. Then you keep trying harder and it still doesn’t work, you need to be careful that your not in misguided determination. It’s probably time to try something new, to go improve your skills and possibly change direction.

Impact From Both Books:

  • The mystery of Sex Transmutation – The sexual energy is the place where our creative drive is birthed from; and the strength of this energy comes from better health.
  • Taking care of your health, your body, your mind, the food you eat, doing exercise and then focusing the energy that you generate into positive creative endeavors is the greatest thing you can do for your life and business.
  • Just knowing that you and all beings have creative sexual energy is the first step to channeling it well.

Recommended Books:

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • There will be people around you that don’t personally understand why your trying to reach higher than normal life; why you want to do something beyond working a job in a normal business, and they will resist because they know you as you, and they’re not sure who this new person will be or if the person that you become will still accept them as the normal people that they are.
  • Then you may also suffer from shyness as almost all people even the most successful ones at some point did deal with but they learned how to overcome that.
  • Advice to get over this: 1. Get vocal coaching, 2. Just start doing lots of the thing that your afraid of, 3. jump off the deep end, 4. Get a mentor or a coach, 5. Get educated on your topic – nothing brings about confidence more than knowing your topics.

Previous Ventures:

  • Ted was responsible for managing apartment buildings in a really bad part of Miami. This was an area where people sold crack, the couldn’t make rent, there were gangs, many people on social security. Ted would have people crying on his shoulder because they weren’t able to pay their rent and he would cut them a break, he’d try to help them out.
  • Then Ted’s boss found out that he was trying to help people out; he yelled at Ted, he said you can’t help those people, they don’t deserve it, and really got under Ted’s skin..
  • Ted then quit his job as he couldn’t take another minute so he went and got his personal trainers license, and he started training people for free. This lead to people in the gym virtually begging the gym to let Ted run his training business in there as he was only wiping down machines at the time.. Which they did and he was able to grow a successful training business

Note from Josh: The big lesson in what Ted did is this: If you start to give people incredible value without even asking for money in return, they will appreciate you so much that eventually they will begin finding ways to ensure your compensated. It’s counter-intuitive but you need to understand that people are inherently good! They want to compensate those that help them, they want you to get paid, they want you to do well because you have done such good things for them without even asking to be compensated.
Current Business:

  • Ted’s business are all primarily related to health and wellness. He still personally trains a lot of people including Richard Branson’s wife and many great people that lead normal lives. He has a fitness and personal development podcast and he has an information and membership community..
  • Personal Training: Provide the best service and results for personal training clients.
  • Podcast: Inspire young men to take control of their health, and to discover they can become more and do more with their personal life through becoming healthy and going for it.
  • Info Marketing & Coaching Business: Ted and his partners have created training, coaching and consulting that teach people what it really takes to succeed in the fitness and training business.
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