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AF035: Being an Author and Coaching Entrepreneurs with Farnoosh Brock, Part-1


Being an Author and Coaching Entrepreneurs with Farnoosh Brock, Part-1

How does one become a best selling author, leading business coach and marketing strategist to top entrepreneurs?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Farnoosh Brock from Prolific Living shares her journey, reveals what she’s learned about self publish, traditional publishing and being a business coach.

Farnoosh Brock is the star of Prolific Living. She’s a skilled Publicist, Marketer and Consultant. Your in for a treat as Farnoosh Brock is about to share all that experience with you now.


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Made Up Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • Be Unreasonable In Your Goals

Message Of The Chapter:

  • Push your limits when your setting your goals and your dreams. Farnoosh used to be very reserved in her goals setting and with her dreams but she has now learned that it is okay to think much BIGGER!
  • Even be a little irrational in your dreams and your goals, and don’t worry what others think about you being such a bigger dreamer, having such huge ambition and aspiration.
  • Then once you have laid out what you truly want deep within and “it doesn’t need to be anymore than what you would truly do if money wasn’t an issue”. So once you have done that you need to begin building actionable plans and strategies to go about making them happen.
  • The biggest difference between the big dreamers that remain dreamers and the ones that achieve everything they want is ACTION! But not just mindless action but careful planned action.

Notes from Josh: The message of Farnoosh’s chapter is directly in-line with the core message of Think and Grow Rich.

Let me explain why I say that:

“The mind needs to be freed to think about what it would do without money as an issue, this allows the creative energy’s of the mind to engage fully and positively charges (YOU).

Then the strategic mind needs to be engaged to begin laying the plans to go about achieving those plans. Then the next aspect of T&GR is massive action..

There is a lot more to Think & Grow Rich but three of the biggest and most important elements are as Farnoosh stated: 1. Freeing your mind to work out its desires and dreams. 2. Creating detailed and specific plans to achieve the desires, 3. Starting taking action on your plans.

If you do that even with preparation many of your plans won’t work. However if you then take the information you gain from what doesn’t work as data and test results. Then use it to help guide your next projects you’re assured success.

Another tip from Josh:
Review and visualize your list daily or a few times a week without any kind of negativity, only allowing your self to be excited by the thought of what having, doing, being all those things would feel like. Get very specific on smells, feelings, emotions, colours, make it vibrant, and big.

Try try to hold the vision for 10 minutes every time you do it. In the heights of the vision where you feel most excited tightly clench your fists and lock your arms down as you clench (this is called an anchor). I am not sure how this works exactly but it codes into your physiology that you are this kind of person and that you already have these things; which I believe helps your RAS (Reticular Activation System) in your brain scan for the right plans, people, and events to bring about the results your visualising.

Please comment below if you’ve had an experience where visualising has brought things you desired into your reality, or things your struggling with to do your visualising, ways that you do this exercise, tips you have for others, or anything you want to discuss. Thanks!

Back to Farnoosh…
Impact From The Books:

  • Farnoosh felt that both T&GR and The 4HWW compounded her previous readings and ideas that she was having at the time about life, business, mindset and coaching. The books allowed Farnoosh to get very confident she was on the right track, her ideas were sound and the guidance she was providing people was on point.
  • Farnoosh was a little further down the track than most people when they read T&GR.

Recommended Books:

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • Farnoosh had a deep desire to please her parents as a young women, she had been to Engineering school to please her Dad. Having a very strong character as a father when she did decide to move on with her life and become a coach he pushed back on the idea.
  • For sometime this stopped Farnoosh from moving forward.
  • Now Farnoosh wishes she made the move sooner because she see’s that they are from a different generation they aren’t able to see things through the lens that our generation does.
  • Farnoosh also points out that friends also may not be able to see things with your mindset either.
  • Farnoosh’s advice: If your experiencing resistance from your family sit them down and explain that you know they’re worried, you understand that it’s because they care. That doing your project/business means a lot to you, that you just have to do it. You’ve worked out the worst case scenario only means you’d need to go back to work again in about 6 to 12 months and the best case scenario is you live your dream, get wealthy, help lots of people etc.
  • Farnoosh explains: if you take this tactic your far more likely to get compliance and understanding from anyone who is resisting and you’ll suddenly form a very deep connection because they see that you’ve been intuitive enough to see there view point comes from care and that you’ve thought through the scenarios of what happens if it goes wrong which your okay with and the huge upside of what happens if it works out.
  • If they still resist you’ll just need to forge forward, they will come around when you succeed.
  • Remember them not unconditionally supporting you is not a retraction of love! It’s only their opinion from their experiences in the world up until this point.

Previous Ventures:

  • She had many variations of her current business before it really took off from being a travel coach which didn’t really workout as the need is very low; to being a corporate advisor. Farnoosh points to doing a year of market research before really kicking off the corporate coaching business / media company.

Current Business:

  • Prolific Living is a corporate coaching and media company. Farnoosh focuses on two things helping people climb the ladder in the corporate world or exit the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. On top of this Farnoosh is a successful author and helps people through her books really live their bests lives through achieving powerful health.
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