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AF022: Automation and Email Marketing with Damian Thompson, Part-1

Damian Thompson

Automation and Email Marketing with Damian Thompson, Part-1

How would you like to win clients faster, obtain clients longer and create market leadership using automation?

What about have revenue coming into your business account almost on autopilot?

Find out in this episode of the Authority Marketing Podcast as Damian Thompson from Linchpin shares his journey, reveals what he’s learned about email marketing, automation and growing businesses by delivering the right messages at the right times.

Damian Thompson is the star of Linchpin. He’s a skilled email automation expert, market leadership consultant and copywriter. Your in for a treat as Damian is about to share all that experience with you now.


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New Think & Grow Rich Chapter:

  • Deliver Value to Get Reward

Message Of The Chapter:

  • There is no one right way to deliver value to get reward. The people that are actually successful that Damian looks up to, that are traveling the world and living their dreams are delivering real value. They have identified pain points in peoples lives and/or businesses and they are helping them solve the problems.

Impact From Books:

  • Think and Grow Rich: The idea that you have the power to change your own life, but you need to make the decision to do it. Get into a mastermind and start spending time with people that have similar interests that are succeeding. Then you need to create an actual plan to go about doing it. Then start following the plan on a daily basis.
  • The Four Hour Work Week: Damian was out here because of Dan and Ian from Tropical MBA, which is a podcast similar to mine, that I highly recommend you check out. Tim Ferris was the reason that Dan and Ian ended up out here, therefore indirectly The Four Hour Work Week is the reason that Damian is building a business in the Philippines.

Recommended Books:

Overcoming Difficulty:

  • Damian’s friends and family were very worried about him when they learned he has decided to come work in South East Asia. They thought he was having a nervous break down and the put major pressure on him not to move forward with his business idea.
  • Damian’s advice is recognize that there is very high potential that they will resist and push against you. What you need to do is really just keep moving forward and once you start to succeed they will come around. Unfortunately there will be some tough times if you have some tumbles and falls, then you need to do a lot of head nodding (yes, Mum, and yes, Dad). Recognise that they are taking this position because they care.
  • Finally as long as you persist with your business ideas, plans and objectives you will succeed; then you want to involve all your loved ones in the success and they will very quickly come around.

Previous Ventures:

  • Worked for Macafee Software
  • Worked for Microsoft Software
  • Various Consulting
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