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“Major takeaways – much more clarity around what to do next and how to do it. I’m now clear on my intentions and what's going to work – I now have a better understanding of what's economically viable. I learned how expensive SEO really is in terms of time and money. Ran calculations on viability of sending paid traffic to my affiliate site and found it to be cost prohibitive, and I learned that only using social media would be an uphill battle for organic rankings.

Now I'm clear on the niche market I really want to serve. I plan to follow the GSF program while writing for my blog and getting targeted traffic on my email list. I’m going to be paying attention to Google analytics to know where my website traffic comes from and what converts. Looking for 10-15% email opt-in rates, surveying my market to identify the components to the information products I’ll offer, and promoting one affiliate program to the audience per month that pays $500-1000 commission per sale.”

Dustin Gransberry


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Mary Anne

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